Enable your employees socializing and adrenaline and boost their creativity by using the teambuilding program. Along with improving communication and building members in a tightly-connected team, you will increase the satisfaction of your employees, and only then can you ensure the company’s business perfection.

Give your employees an unforgettable experience of a lot of adrenaline and encourage their creativity through informal socializing with the smell of the sea, the sun’s rays, the beautiful landscape and the good drop. The benefits of joining our fleet are multiple because of the relaxed atmosphere where employees have the opportunity to comment and develop new ideas. During the organization of teambuilding it is possible to organize a competition of two or more crews where the winner is a ship with a larger fish caught or total catch of fish caught. Independent of the number of guests we can organize team building with our partners if needed for more than two boats. For any additional questions, please contact us.

Use the teambuilding organization:
• Increasing flexibility in skills and abilities
• Developing team spirit
• Sharing ideas among employees
• Build trust and relationships between team members (employees)
• Encourage employees to create new creative ideas
• Improving communication
• Finding in new situations.
• Teaming up the team members (employees) through fun and laughter
• Informal gathering with the scent of sea, adrenaline, food and entertainment