With the crystal-clear sea and blue sky, among the sun’s rays of the summer, you will experience the breathtaking adrenaline of the Predator I and Predator II ships.
BIG GAME FISHING, sometimes referred to as offshore sport fishing or offshore game fishing, is a form of sport fishing, with a view to hunting large fish, such as tuna and swordfish in open sea, often very far off the mainland. There is a need for strong will and physical readiness as well as in competitions. Big Game Fishing takes place at different locations around the world where such fish are located – off the coast, North Carolina, Florida, California and Hawaii, the eastern coasts, New Zealand and Australia, across the Caribbean and Mexico, and in South America, among other places both in the Mediterranean and in the Adriatic Sea. An offshore fishing game requires a boat with enough capacity, speed, speed, stability and ability to transport a crew at some distance with a large amount of equipment. It is necessary to maintain stability and to fight against fish that in extreme circumstances can weigh over 500 kilograms and safely bring the crew back in the event of adverse weather conditions and the sea. The crews of many big game fishing boats generally use larger boats from 9 to 15 meters (30 to 50 feet) in length.

– Big game fishing – tuna and sword hunting
– Little game fishing – lightning hunting, albacore etc.
– Night fishing – night fishing on swords
– Night fishing in the waters of the island of Jabuka by fishing techniques Bolentino (deep marriages, fish: oak, pagar, buckwheat, mol, canter, etc.)
– Hunting vertical jigging techniques Inchiku; Kabura and Tenya (fish: gof, dentist, pager, cookie etc.)
The Predator Boat holds the ICCAT hunting license, which means that we are authorized to commercially hunt the tuna, which is especially appealing to our guests who have the opportunity to watch live fish, photograph and preserve a lasting memory.

We hunt in the waters of Blitvenica Island, on the outside of the Kornati National Park and in the open sea of ​​the Kornati archipelago and the island of Žirje. Going to a big adventure, big game fishing starts at 9:00, from Jezera to the island of Murter. It is commonly found in a cafe bar near the ship (or in front of the boat itself), and after the morning coffee goes to the sea; there is a possibility to arrive at the desired destination and return to the original location. The return is foreseen in the afternoon, the satisfaction of our guests is our only mission, and therefore there is a possibility of flexible terms according to their wishes. Please note that we will be happy to answer any of your non-standard bid requests.