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- Big game fishing
- Little game fishing
- Night fishing

Big game fishing:

Big-game fishing, sometimes called offshore sport fishing or offshore game fishing, is a form of sport fishing, with the purpose of hunting large bony fish such as tuna and swordfish in the open sea, often very far from the mainland. You need a strong will and physical readiness, as well as on competitions. Big Game Fishing takes place at various locations around the world where there are such fish - outside the coast, North Carolina, Florida, California and Hawaii, the eastern coastline, New Zealand and Australia, via the Caribbean and in Mexico and in South America, among other places and in the Mediterranean as well as with us in the Adriatic Sea.

Sport fishing is often associated with the expressions of recreational fishing or fishing for fun, where the sense is in looking and catching fish using sport accessories for fishing, and not for food or fish sale. In sport fishing, the caught fish is released, or can an allowed number of fish can be taken. Fish that is brought from the fishing must have specific features such as lenght, weight, must belong to the type that is allowed to fish and satisfy all other criteria prescribed by the law of the sports-fishing country, and often the county or municipality, or the fishing association, which manages the waters in which the fish is being caught.

Where do we hunt?

We hunt in the local waters of the island Blitvenica, at the outer side of the Kornati National Park and in the open sea band of the Kornati archipelago and island Zirja.

How does a day of fishing on the boat Predator look like?

Departure in a great adventure, big game fishing begins at 9AM, from Jezera on the island of Murter. It is normal to meet in the café which is located near the boat (or in front of the boat), and after the morning coffee go to the sea; there is a possibility of the arrival of the boat to the desired location of each customer and additional return to the original location. Return is scheduled in the afternoon, an active hunting lasts till 6PM (or by arrangement), satisfaction of our guests is our only mission, and therefore there is a possibility of flexible terms according to the wishes of the same.